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RV, Trailer, & Camper Storage

Sometimes we just don’t have space to store all our toys at home. RVs (recreational vehicles) are particularly challenging in this regard. If you don’t have an RV entrance to your garage, you will not be able to store your RV inside. And, perhaps you don’t want to take up valuable driveway space. Even more likely, your HOA may have rules governing the types and sizes of RVs that can be stored in your home. 

If any of these issues are plaguing you, choose RV storage from Waukesha Storage. We have the safest, most convenient, and affordable RV storage in the Waukesha, WI area. 

Visit our Storage Units page for more information on sizes and prices or call us at (262) 521-2200 today!

Why Purchase RV Storage?

There are a lot of benefits from storing your RV, Trailer or Camper at Waukesha Storage. 

  • Indoor and outdoor RV storage options. 
  • Securely fenced facilities with electronic access control. 
  • Convenient drive-up access for most units. 
  • Affordable and transparent pricing. 
  • Seasonal storage is available.

We also offer boat storage. With Waukesha Storage, you no longer need to store your RV and boat in separate locations. 

RV Storage Options

We offer two types of RV and Camper storage: indoor and outdoor. 

Indoor RV Storage 

We offer warehouse storage for your RV. Our warehouses have 20×20 doors. Whether you have a large boat or a large RV, you will have no problems getting it into the warehouse. 

Indoor RV storage has the advantage of keeping your vehicle out of the elements. But, it will cost you more than out outside RV storage options. 

Outdoor RV Storage 

Outdoor RV storage is the most economical way to store your RV’s, Campers and Trailers. We offer outdoor RV storage that accommodates RVs up to 38-feet. Most RVs will fall into these size restrictions. Even some Class A RVs (the big guys) are under 38-feet long. If you have a 5th Wheel RV or travel trailer, you can also store it in our outdoor RV storage spaces. 

Common RV Sizes and Types

RVs are classified according to their length and the way they are driven. Knowing the type and size you have will help you determine the storage options best suited to your vehicle. 

Common sizes and types of RVs include 

  • Class A: These are the large drivable RVs. They range from 21-45 feet long. 
  • Class B: These are the smallest type of drivable RVs and campers. They range from 17-19 feet long. 
  • Class C: It may seem counter-intuitive, but these are the medium drivable RVs. They range from 20-31 feet long. 
  • Towed RVs: Towed RVs can either be of the pop-up camper, travel trailer, or 5th wheel variety. 

RV Storage FAQs:

What is the going rate for an RV storage in Waukesha?
We have a variety of options for RV storage. We have inside a warehouse, we have outside parking storage spots. Please contact us at Waukesha Storage with the size of your RV & we can discuss in detail. 

What is the availability for RV storage?
You can e-mail us at info@WaukeshaStorage.com or call us at (262)789-7422. We can provide you with up to minute availability of space in our outside storage lot.

Is my RV safe in storage?
Yes, we are a very secure facility with 24/7 access using your PIN.

Is there a monthly minimum to store my RV?
We are a month to month storage facility.

Do I need insurance for my RV while it’s in storage?
We do not require you to have insurance; however, you may want to contact your agent.

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