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Auto and Car Storage

Cars are parked at home, right? Not always. There are a lot of reasons to use a storage unit to store your automobiles. If you are moving, going on a trip, or for some other reason, auto storage may be right for you. 

We offer a lot of indoor auto storage options. All of our units are spacious and secure. Only the people who are supposed to be at Waukesha Storage are here. 

Why Purchase Car Storage? 

Obviously, security is a big reason to store your car with Waukesha Storage. But, our auto storage options offer other benefits as well. 

  • Convenience. It doesn’t matter the size of your vehicle; we have a storage space that will fit. We even offer indoor and outdoor boat and RV storage options. 
  • Climate-controlled units. You can choose to purchase an indoor climate-controlled unit. This process keeps the humidity down, which ensures a properly stored car. 
  • Privacy. Only you will have access to your unit. Our employees will not even have access. 
  • Accessibility. Almost all of our units are drive-up accessible. Storing your vehicle has never been easier. 

Auto And Car Storage Options

We offer a variety of indoor car storage options for vehicles. Some units also have optional outside access available for an added cost. 

  • 10×20 Unit: 10×20 is the size of most one-car garages. It will comfortably hold a small passenger vehicle like a Honda Accord or Kia Optima and a few odds and ends. 
  • 10×25 Unit: These units are the size of a long one car garage. You will be able to fit longer cars like a Ford Expedition or Mercedes Wagon. These units can also work for a smaller vehicle and many more boxes or appliances. 
  • 10×30 Unit: You can still only fit one vehicle in these units, but they do allow you to also include a lot more stuff. 10×30 units can comfortably fit the contents of a mid-sized home and garage. 
  • 12×40 Unit: People looking to store multiple vehicles need a 12×40 unit. These units are the size of a 2.5 car garage. They have access to both ends. 

Auto Storage FAQs

What would it cost to store my vehicle in Waukesha, Wisconsin?
Your cost to store a vehicle will depend on the size of that vehicle. Most automobiles will fit into a 10 foot by 20 foot storage unit which rent for $149 per month.

Can a car be stored inside a storage unit?
Yes, we have cars parked inside our storage units.

What is the average size unit for car storage?
The average size unit to park a car is approximately 10’ x 20’.

Is it mandatory to have car insurance while in storage?
We do not require you to have insurance; however, you may check with your agent.

Will I be able to start my car if need be while in storage?
Yes, you may start your car or take for a drive while storing with us.

How often should I start a car in storage?
Ideally, you’ll want to start your car once a month while it is in storage. This helps move the oil around the engine while your automobile is being stored.

Our Self-Storage Units page provides a guideline for how much each of our units will hold. We have also provided some examples of car makes and models for our smallest two units, to help you determine your size requirements. 

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