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Public Storage

Self storage is a hugely growing business all over the United States. As people have more things they need to store, Public Storage companies have exploded in popularity. As of 2018, the self storage industry was worth $38 billion total. That is a huge jump from the industry’s beginnings in the 1960s. 

People typically seek out public storage facilities when dealing with death, divorce, downsizing, and dislocation. These “4Ds” are, of course, not the only reasons a person would want to use self storage, but they are the most popular. If you live in the Waukesha, WI or the near by area, then you need to use Waukesha Storage for all your storage needs. 

Why Self Storage at Waukesha Storage? 

Why store your belongings with Waukesha Storage? There are a lot of reasons. 

  • Security. Our Public Storage facilities are the most secure you will find. They are completely enclosed by a fence. Entrance is only granted through the use of a keypad. Additionally, only you have access to your unit. Our employees are not even able to access it. 
  • Convenience. Many of our storage units have drive-up access. You can easily pull up to the door and unload your belongings. For your convenience, we also have facilities in Brookfield, Pewaukee, and Madison. 
  • Lots of options. No matter what type of storage you require, we have you covered. We offer a variety of unit sizes—these are described in more detail below. You can also choose to use our warehouse or outdoor storage. Whether you have a couple of boxes or a large boat to store, we have space for you. 

Public Storage Options 

When you use self storage at Waukesha Storage, you have a lot of options to choose from. These options are described in detail below. 

  • Warehouse: Our warehouse is ideal for storing large items like boats or RVs. The warehouse has 20×20 doors, so even extra-large items can fit easily. 
  • 5×10 Unit: The size of a small walk-in closet, our 5×10 units will hold small furniture, a bicycle, or a few boxes. 
  • 10×10 Unit: If you need to store items from a one-bedroom apartment, then our 10×10 unit is ideal for you. 
  • 10×15 Unit: The 10×15 units are large enough to store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment. 
  • 10×20 Unit: Those who need to store a car or the contents of a small home, need a 10×20 unit. 
  • 10×25 Unit: 10×25 units are slightly longer than the 10×20 units, which provides more space for boxes and appliances in addition to a small vehicle. These units are also ideal for long vehicles like a Ford Expedition or a station wagon.  
  • 10×30 Unit: Our 10×30 units are the size of a 1.5 car garage. They fit unusually-shaped and large items (snow blowers, lawnmowers, etc.) easily. 
  • 12x 40 Unit: These are our largest indoor units. They have a door at both ends to provide easy access to all of your stuff. The 12×40 units are the size of a 2.5 car garage. 
  • Outdoor Storage: For RVs and boats we offer a variety of outdoor storage spaces. Visit our Storage Units page for more details about these spaces. 

In addition to the different storage sizes, you can also choose a climate-controlled or non-climate controlled unit. Some of our medium-sized units also provide the option of climate-controlled outside access for an additional fee. 

Self Storage FAQs

How much does it cost to rent self storage in Waukesha, Wisconsin?
Depending on size, units range from $72.00 to $700.00/monthly.

Is it beneficial to use public storage?
Yes, if you own something but do not have room to store it, self storage is very beneficial. Instead of selling the item, store it with a public storage company. Next time you need it, you’ll have access.

What security measures do you have for your self-storage?
Waukesha Storage, located in Waukesha, Wisconsin has implemented state of the art access control and monitoring systems. Each individual unit at the public storage facility has a wired door alarm. The facility is fenced and gated. The gates system monitors and allow or denies access. Video cameras also surveil the storage facility’s grounds.

Are there any restrictions on when I can access my storage unit?
You should check with the Public Storage company. Several storage facilities offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to your self storage unit.

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