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Climate Controlled Storage Units

Generally, in the State of Wisconsin, we do not experience the extremely high temperatures and high humidity that southern states do. For that reason, traditional, non-climate controlled storage, is satisfactory for the vast majority of customer’s storage needs. But there are some items that could possibly be affected by even moderate temperatures and humidity conditions. The most common example is art. The second most common item is paper based products like books and photographs. Third, would be wood instrument, for example a violin. These items can absorb moisture out of the air during times of high humidity but do not release that moisture when humidity returns to normal.

We offers a wide variety of climate controlled storage units. If you are in the market for the best climate controlled storage around, then you need to consider Waukesha Storage. 

View our Units page for more details on our climate controlled storage units and pricing.

Why Climate Controlled at Waukesha Storage? 

We take keeping your items safe and in good condition seriously. Our climate controlled storage units are the best way to protect your possessions against moisture or temperature damage. There are other reasons to choose climate controlled units from Waukesha Storage as well. 

  • Security: All of our facilities are completely fenced. Electronic access is granted by a keypad. This ensures that only those supposed to be in the facility are there. Plus, only you have access to your storage unit. There is also 24/7 video surveillance. 
  • Convenience: Many of our units allows drive-up access. This access makes it easy to store and retrieve items from your unit. We also have four locations — Waukesha, Brookfield, Pewaukee, and Madison, WI — for your convenience. 
  • Customer Service: We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service. We are open twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Our friendly customer service professionals are happy to help you with any problem. 

Climate Controlled Storage Options 

We offer a variety of climate controlled storage units at our Waukesha facility. All of our climate controlled units are indoors. These sizes can be chosen as climate controlled or non-climate controlled. We give you the option so that you can choose the unit that is right for you. Keep in mind that our climate controlled units are more expensive than the non-climate controlled units of the same size. 

Units with climate control options include

  • 5×10: These are our smallest units; they are about the size of a small walk-in closet. 
  • 10×10: The next size up, a 10×10 unit will have about 100 square feet of storage space. 
  • 10×15: You get about 150 square feet of space with a 10×15 unit. We also offer climate controlled outside access for this size unit. 
  • 10×20: 10×20 units are the size of a one-car garage. You can fit the contents of a three-bedroom home into these spaces. We also offer climate controlled outside access for this size unit. 
  • 10×25: 10×25 units are slightly longer than our popular 10×20 option. They will fit a bit more, including storage racks and multiple appliances. You can purchase climate controlled outside access for these units as well.
  • 10×30: Our largest climate controlled units are 10×30. They fit the contents of a mid-sized home and garage, including oddly shaped items like lawnmowers and snowblowers. 

Climate Controlled FAQs

How much does climate controlled storage in Waukesha cost?
Large climate controlled units that have an insulated overhead and you could pull a vehicle into, if you wanted, rent for $275. A little unit, about the size of a small closet rent for $69 .

What is climate controlled storage unit?
A climate controlled unit is set at a certain temperature range.

What are the guidelines for a climate controlled unit?
While there are no set standards, generally a temperature controlled room is between 50 and 75 degrees.

Is the climate controlled more secure?
Similar to the traditional non-climate controlled storage units, the climate controlled units are protected by individual door alarms. When a tenant enters their code into the keypad at the gate, the system opens the gate and turns off the alarm on their storage unit.

Are the climate control leases different than outside units?
No, we have a standard lease for all units and we do not charge additional administration fees.

Would you suggest a climate control unit for certain items?
Most items are not affected by heat or cold. What you need to monitor is humidity. Ideally, a climate controlled storage facility should also provide dehumidification.

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