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Boat Storage: Indoor and Outdoor Options

In Waukesha, WI, boating season does not last long. A few months in the summer is all the ideal weather you will probably receive. This, of course, does not mean you have to forgo the boat. You just need a great place to store your boat during the off-season. 

Visit our storage Units page for more detailed information on sizes and costs.

Boat storage at home can be a real problem. Many boats are large and take up space in your garage, shop, or driveway. At Waukesha Storage facility, we offer secure indoor and outdoor boat storage solutions with options for any large or small boat and jet ski. 

Why Purchase Boat Storage? 

As any boat owner knows, boat storage can be a huge problem. The hassle sometimes discourages people from buying boats in the first place. Waukesha Storage can reduce these issues. We also provide the following benefits. 

  • Convenient access to your boat during the off-season. 
  • Indoor and outdoor storage options. 
  • Seasonal storage contracts are available. 
  • Secure environment and electric-access-only facilities. 

In addition to boat storage, we offer a variety of vehicle storage options. Cars, RVs, and trailers are all welcome. Now you can store your extra vehicles in the same location, which reduces the hassle of using multiple facilities. 

Storage Options

There are a variety of indoor and outdoor boat storage options for you to choose from at Waukesha Storage. 

Indoor Boat Storage

Storing your boat does not mean that it has to remain out in inclement weather. Our warehouse storage options are ideal for even large boats. The doors to our warehouse storage are 20×20. Indoor storage means less wear-and-tear on your boat, and less work for you at the beginning of boating season. 

Outdoor Boat Storage

You may not want to spend the money to store your boat indoors. If this is the case, we offer affordable outdoor boat storage options. Depending on the size of your boat, you can choose between a number of outdoor spaces. 

  • 10×20 Space: Our small 10×20 foot spaces are ideal for boats up to 18-feet long. These spaces also fit pop-up campers.  
  • 10×25 Space: The medium 10×25 spaces are perfect for you if your boat has a length of 22-28 feet. RVs of the same size can use these spaces. 
  • 10×30 Space: For large boats, you will want to purchase a 10×30 space. These fit boats between 22-28 feet long. RVs up to 28 feet long also fit in these spaces. 

Boat Storage FAQs

  1. What does “on the hard” mean?
    If you are a new boat owner, you have likely heard the term “on the hard.” The phrase just means that your boat is out of water. You may also hear “dry storage” used to mean the same thing. Boat storage at Waukesha Storage is on land, and therefore your boat will be on the hard in dry storage.
  2. How do I winterize my boat?
    Even if you use our indoor boat storage, you will want to winterize your boat. These are the steps you take to prepare your boat (especially the motor) for the winter. You can find great step-by-step instructions for this process here.
  3. How much does boat storage in Waukesha cost?
    An inside storage for a boat is usually a 10×25, but boats vary in sizes. A 10×25 rents for $172 per month. Please call the facility for specifics. We also have outdoor spaces, you will want to remember to include the tongue on the trailer when measuring.
  4. How big of a space do I need to store my boat?
    Please contact the office to determine what we have available, once we know the size of your boat, we can help you with this. Don’t forget to include the trailer & tongue when measuring.
  5. Is it bad to store a boat outside?
    It’s best to consider the elements and how they may affect your boat when storing outside. Some purchase covers and it works out fine. If you would store it in your driveway, you can store it by us outside.
  6. Do I need insurance while my boat is in storage for the winter?
    Please know that we do not insure any items that you store. It would be advisable to speak with your insurance agent in regards to this.

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