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Things to Know Before Choosing Outdoor Storage Units

It’s probably no surprise that most Waukesha residents who use self-storage choose indoor self-storage units. But, even so, there are plenty of people in Waukesha choosing an outdoor storage unit meets their needs very well. If you’re considering renting an outdoor storage unit in Waukesha, there are a few things that you’ll want to know before you make your choice, such as:

Food in Your Belongings Can Attract Pests

The unfortunate reality is that items that are stored outside are more likely to see the occasional visit from wildlife in the area. To reduce the likelihood of an infestation in your belongings, be sure to remove any food from vehicles and other items stored in your outdoor storage space. Food left in your belongings is much more likely to attract rodents, ants and other pests who may try to move in permanently.

Outdoor Units Often Have Roofs

Although they are outside and do not have walls, most outdoor storage units have a cover or roof of some sort, along with cement or gravel floors. Because most outdoor storage units are like carports, they typically offer some protection from the elements (but not much). It really comes down to what you’re storing: If what you’re storing can withstand damage from the elements, choosing an outdoor unit may work well for you. If, however, what you’re storing is particularly valuable (or could suffer heat damage, rust or corrosion from being exposed), you may want to opt for the extra protection that a climate-controlled indoor unit can offer.

Covering Your Items Offers Extra Protection

Although most outdoor units offer some protection from the sun, unit renters are typically advised to put a tarp or similar cover over their belongings for an added level of protection. And, although choosing a waterproof material can help protect your belongings from rain and/or water damage, be aware that moisture can still be an issue.

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